Is Your Bag Causing Neck and Back Pain? Here’s How to Fix It 2019

Bags come in all shapes and sizes. And it can get overwhelming to choose a bag that suits your style. Visit for all the trendy bags. While you might focus on the looks of the bag and the features that it packs there is one other aspect that you should not ignore – the comfort.

Picking a bag that is not the right size

Some buy a big bag thinking that it might be handy on those rare occasions when you have lots to carry. But if you use a huge bag as your daily bag you might start filling it up even without realizing it. This might mean that you are constantly carrying an unwanted weight on your shoulders.

The other reasons could be when the bag doesn’t come with a comfortable strap or when there is little to no support offered. So here are a few things to remember while choosing your bag and using it so as to prevent neck and back pain.

  1. Use a backpack when possible

Backpacks are great not only because they are convenient to let your hands-free but also because they evenly distribute the weight. Also when you buy a backpack look for one that comes with padding on the back as well as on the straps.

  • Choose the right strap design

Straps should not be too thin, too long or too short. Find those that come with adjustable straps. Broad straps especially the ones that come with a pad for the shoulder can be convenient when you have to carry the bag for a long time. When you are carrying a backpack ensure that you do not hang it too low. This might cause unwanted strain on the lumbar region.

Besides all other measures practice periodic examination of the contents of your bag. Toss the items that you do not need every day and cut some weight.