Things To Avoid Before A Drug Test

Addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol is detrimental to not only the addict but also the organization where he or she is working; the health hazards are plenty and employers do not want to take any chances and hence, they subject their employees to drug tests. Therefore, to pass a drug test avoid the few substances mentioned below for a few days before going for the test.

  1. Poppy seeds: Poppy seeds are even banned in some countries because of the morphine content in them. Hence, if you eat anything containing poppy seeds your reading will be high in opium. Avoid these seeds before the test.
  2. Decongestants: Cold medicines used for clearing stuffed nose normally contain pseudoephedrine which incidentally is also found in methamphetamine or meth.
  3. Ibuprofen:  All seemingly harmless medicines when taken in excess can land you in trouble. Take ibuprofen, for example, a pain reliever used fairly commonly but when it is taken too frequently within a small time frame your drug test will be positive for marijuana.
  4. Tonic water:  It can cure you of malaria no doubt but it can also result in a false positive in your drug test because a lot of drugs are normally mixed in it. Plain water is your best friend before the drug test.
  5. Baby soap: If you are under the assumption that baby soaps are the safest to use for your skin think again because the use of baby products results in false positive in drug tests. The test comes positive for marijuana because of the presence of polyquaternium-11 and Cocamidopropyl betaine.

Thus, being aware is half the battle won. By avoiding the above, you can hope for a positive test result but if you want to ensure that you are really safe to turn to detox drinks. You can get more info here.